Affordable Essential Minerals

Get your hands on the best essential minerals on the market with Nu-Life Nutritionals in Riverton, Wyoming. Our top-of-the-line nutritional products help bolster your immune system.



Nu-Min capsules are a highly concentrated blend of plant derived, major and trace minerals, in naturally occurring combinations and balance as produced by nature. This unique supplement has been naturally extracted in water without the use of acids or damaging heat, from a natural plant deposit discovered at the turn of the century. Each multi-mineral capsule contains approximately 640 mg of highly concentrated flash-dried, humic mineral extract. No fillers or additives!

This is a humic-based plant that derives minerals. Your body needs minerals for all neurological functions and every function of the body is used with the proper balance of minerals. The minerals tend to be depleted in farming operations and parts of the human body, but the best source of minerals comes from the plants we eat.

Out of the 77 known minerals on the market, this is the highest potency mineral available. Although it has not been verified by the FDA, many people say this product improves memory capabilities and increases sight. This is priced at $38 for a one-month supply for one person.



Nu-Vita is a 100% whole food nutritional product that contains no synthetics or extracts. It is perfectly balanced by the creator which makes it highly absorbable at the cellular level with no build up or excess. Nu-Vita has the benefits of not only vitamins, but macro and trace element, amino acids and even enzymes in perfect proportion, derived from the concentrated juices of pure foods and herbs.

This plant-derived product provides an energetic combination of the most potent plant strains in formulations. The best all-around plant vitamin on earth, this product does significant work in bolstering your immune system. Better than a synthetic and chemical vitamin, this is great for everyone and helps young and old alike. This is wholefood which means you won’t be able to get enough. A one-month supply for one person is priced at $38.

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